Nicky Kay Orchestra Barrier Reef - live 2009.jpg

Nicky Kay Orchestra

Nicky Kay's latest release is the debut album from the Nicky Kay Orchestra Barrier Reef on ATOM Records!

Following the release of rockabilly classic Go Crazy Pop! and his own alt-solo full-length Into The Loud, Nicky Kay, AKA Nick Kizirnis, reunited with long-time friends and collaborators Ed Lacy (Cage, The Raging Mantras), Brian Hogarth (The Mulchmen) and Jim Macpherson (Breeders, Lab Partners, Real Lulu, Guided by Voices) to explore a new realm of "instrumental surf" music. While enjoying the chance to play instro favorites from the Mulchmen days like "Frank" and "Backscratcher", the group wanted to focus on taking the vibe to new places.

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