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ATOM Records is a record label founded in 1999 by Scott Kinnison. The company name is an acronym for "All Types Of Music," and is reflective of the musical tastes of the company's founder.

Based in Dayton, OH, the focus of the label is to assist new and established artists in selling their music on-line. The internet has opened the door for artists to directly reach their fans. ATOM allows an artist to sell CDs and merchandise to their fans by linking the artist's web site to the ATOM Online Store.

Image by Caught In Joy
Image by Chris Zhang

ATOM Records also encourages artists to offer special items when things are purchased from the artist's web site, such as autographed CDs, collectable guitar picks, posters, stickers, etc. Kinnison stated, "Being a music fan first, I like an artist to offer something that I would want to own if I were a fan of an artist's music. You also want to reward fans that buy things directly from your site, because those transactions are the most financially rewarding."

In addition to the artist's own web site, ATOM also uses the following distribution partners...


There are numerous benefits when an artist partners with ATOM Records. ATOM takes care of things like CD manufacturing, mechanical licensing, promotion, distribution, order processing, and order fullfillment. The artist focuses on the music, and we focus on the rest. But most importantly with ATOM... the artists are paid for the music they sell.

How many times have you heard of an artist getting ripped off and never paid for the music they made? It's all too common in the music industry. But this is not the case with ATOM. Our artists get quarterly sales reports, showing how much of their music was sold and the channel(s) the music was sold through. We may not sell as many units as companies like EMI or Universal Music Group; but with ATOM, artists get paid for what they sell. And the music they make will be owned by them, not some huge corporation.

Jon Butcher, the first artist to work with ATOM, commented, "Working with Scott and the folks at ATOM has been great. They take care of the details, so I can focus on releasing quality music. Plus, they are a label that actually pays you. Wow, what a concept... a record label that actually pays the artist!"

If you are an artist who would like to learn more about how ATOM Records could work with you, send us an email ( or give us a call at 937-296-0075.
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