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Track List :
1) St. Valentine
2) And Then The Rain
3) Easter Parade
4) Throw It
5) These Dreams
6) Record Shop Girl
7) Listening
8) It Doesn’t Matter
9) Ghosts From The Past
10) Reminisce
11) Dream In Blue
12) A Mess Of Yesterdays
13) All Over Again
14) The Mad Hatters
15) The Ginger Men
16) Eleanor Rigby
17) Come Inside
18) Just Last Night
19) Whatever You Need
20) Television Addict Kid


Format: CD

All the music on "The Vinyl Years: 1988-1993" by the black watch is available for the first time since its original release in the beginning days of this Los Angeles based musical institution. Featuring 20 tracks, "The Vinyl Years: 1988-1993" is an easy way to hear how this band started out with a love for The Cure, The Beatles & Pink Floyd. Ten songs are from their first LP called St. Valentine, 4 tunes are from the follow-up Short Stories EP and 6 songs are from 7" singles, both A & B sides.

The Vinyl Years 1988-1993

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