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1) The Nothing That Is (Album Mix)
2) The Nothing That Is (Scott Campbell Mix)
3) For Every Hair That’s Hurt I’ll Stop A Heart
4) Half My Dreams
5) The Very Thing


Format: CD

Hot off the heels of the Fromthing Somethat full length release is The Nothing That Is EP. Catchy, synth driven and danceable, The Nothing That Is could easily fit onto your favorite 80's vintage mix tape. This release could have also been called, "Hey, We've Got One More" as the band kept recording and making more new songs after finishing Fromthing Somethat. As the saying goes... "It’s always best to strike while the iron is hot." The black watch has been extremely hot since 2018, making multiple releases per year. Featuring cover art from story board artist J. Todd Anderson (Coen Brothers).

The Nothing That Is EP

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