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1) The Beginning
2) Way To Me
3) The Distance
4) Slipping Away
5) After You’re Gone
6) You Said Goodbye
7) Am I Too Blue
8) Come Back To Me
9) Someone
10) Tell Me Tomorrow
11) Trail Of Tears
12) Fading Away
13) Take It With Me


Format: CD

Dayton’s Nick Kizirnis has made a new solo record unlike anything he's recorded in the past. The Distance has an Americana, Alt-Country feel to it - imagine a cool Chris Isaak record, but with female lead vocals. Kate Wakefield from the band Lung provides brilliant vocals on The Distance, while Kizirnis, along with Crazy Joe Tritschler, Patrick Himes, Tod Weidner & drummer Mark Patterson (Son Volt), adds rich textures throughout the 11 Kizirnis originals and 2 cover songs by Lucinda Williams (Am I Too Blue) and Tom Waits (Take It With Me).

The Distance

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