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2) How Much About Love
3) Emily, Are You Sleeping?
4) Like In The Movies 
5) Cognate Objects
6) Earl Grey Tea
7) The Maid’s Been Round
8) Only Lasted
9) The Stars In The Sky
10) Kinda Sorta
11) Weirdly
12) It’s All Too Much 


Format: Vinyl


Led Zeppelin Five was originally released on Eskimo Record Label in 2011. Reissued by ATOM Records on CD and 12” Maroon Vinyl in 2021. The CD has 12 tracks, the LP 11 (a cover of The Beatles It’s All Too Much is not on the vinyl). Additional photos and art work are part of the new packaging, along with new mastering by Sean Haney.  

Led Zeppelin Five (Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition)

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