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Track List :
1) Into The Loud
2) Dogg Bothered
3) Down The Hall
4) Drive This Car
5) Hank’s Little Fingers
6) Life Of The Party
7) Messenger
8) Time-Based Correctors
9) Preferred Company
10) Broken Things
11) Satellite
12) Stood Looking Both Ways
13) Places
14) Satellite (reprise)
15) Fall


Format: CD

Into The Loud is "classic Dayton alternative rock" from the city that produced Guided by Voices and The Breeders. Nick, who has played with Eyesinweasel, Tobin Sprout, The Mulchmen, Cage, Nicky Kay and His Fabulous Kay-Tones, and The Jet Age, is helped on his first solo CD by drummer Jim Macpherson (GBV/Breeders) and Daytonians John Shough & Crazy Joe Tritschler.

Into The Loud

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