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Track List :
1) Saint Fair Isle Sweater
2) The Nothing That Is
3) The Lonesome Death Of Mary Hansen
4) Green Stars, Clouds Departing
5) Drip, Drip, Drip
6) All I Know (Is That The Moon Is Beautiful)
7) Such Like Friendly Demons
8) The Haves & Nots
9) For Always Then To Keep
10) I’m Not Hung Up


Format: CD

Fromthing Somethat is the best complete the black watch record that the band has ever made. Available on download, CD and LP vinyl. Haunting melodies, dance beats, flashes of 80's synth pop, Beatlesque resemblances and shoe gazey in all the right places describes the brilliance of the band's 19th full length release. No longer teaching full-time, band leader John Andrew Fredrick has been on a creative hot streak making multiple records in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Academia's loss is the world's gain in great new the black watch music. In November 2020, look for the release of The Nothing That Is EP, featuring a Scott Campbell remixed version of the first single off Fromthing Somethat and three additional new songs..

Fromthing Somewhat

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