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Side 1
2) Fly Banana
3) Sommersong (Svenskar Surfar Inte!)
4) Surfer’s Ennui 
5) Adrift Amongst The Aisles
6) 8-Track Camaro
7) Tiki-Crazy
Side 2
1) Lipstick Lane
1) Skipjack Tuna
3) Pushing Paper, Yet Not Sad
4) Citronella
5) City Sidewalks
6) Cowboy A Go-Go
7) I Was There 


Format: CD


The cover of the vinyl version of Chillingsworth Surfingham is custom colored by the band, so no two covers are the same. Each LP is numbered and pressed in clear translucent vinyl. Limited to 200 units. One of the coolest looking vinyl releases you’ll find anywhere! 

Chillingsworth Surfingham

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