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Track List :
1) Pharaoh’s House
2) I Don’t Care At All
3) Take My Breath Away
4) When The Day Comes
5) Rude Boy
6) Crazy
7) Bells Of St. Mary’s
8) Brown Penny
9) Trick Of Light
10 ) Over Lovin' You
11) Monsters In Bethlehem
12) Crack The Sky
13) Love You Too Much
14) Dog Days
15) Phases Of The Moon


Format: CD calls Barefoot Servants 2 "a supremely commercial outing that begs for airplay and recognition." Barefoot Servants are Jon Butcher, Ben Schultz, Lee Sklar & Neal Wilkinson and they have released a disc that has already become the top-selling CD in the history of ATOM Records. Originally released in late 2005, a new 'Expanded Edition' is available today with more songs and additional artwork.

Barefoot Servants 2

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