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Track List :
1) John Sullivan - Patience & Faith
2) Barefoot Servants - Love You Too Much
3) Nicky Kay and His Fabulous Kay-Tones - Rock These Blues
4) Crazy Joe and the Mad River Outlaws - Goin’ To San Antone
5) Jon Butcher (featuring Ben Schultz) - Tiger In The Tall Grass (2005 Live)
6) Nick Kizirnis - Stood Looking Both Ways
7) Jon Butcher Axis - Victims
8) Barefoot Servants - The Original Cowboy
9) Jon Butcher (featuring Ben Schultz) - New Man (2005 Live)
10) John Sullivan - Cause I Said So
11) Nick Kizirnis - Broken Things
12) Jon Butcher Axis - Up From The Skies
13) Crazy Joe and the Mad River Outlaws - Sweatin’ Bullets Over You
14) Nicky Kay and His Fabulous Kay-Tones - Get Out!
15) Jon Butcher (featuring Ben Schultz) - Bound For Glory (2005 Live)
16) Jon Butcher (featuring Ben Schultz) - It Hurts Me Too (2005 Live)


Format: CD

A collection that celebrates the "first five years" of releases by Dayton, Ohio’s ATOM Records. If the music from ATOM Records seems interesting but you don’t know where to start, you can’t go wrong with this collection. The First Five Years contains past favorites, unreleased tracks, and live music from the likes of Barefoot Servants, Jon Butcher, Crazy Joe & the Mad River Outlaws, Nick Kizirnis, John Sullivan and Nicky Kay & His Fabulous Kay-Tones.

ATOM Records - The First Five Years (2001 - 2006)

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