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Track List :
1) A Stiff Little Breeze
2) Tie The Devil Down
3) Red House
4) Tiger In The Tall Grass
5) Big Guitars
6) Love Is A River
7) Bats
8) High Road To Heaven
9) Money (Don’t Mean A Thing)
10) The Dreamer
11) Wicked Woman
12) A Light Texas Rain
13) The Heart Beats Once
14) Beal Street


Format: CD says this release "deserves straight A's in pacing, performance and material. (Stiff Little Breeze is the) favorite of all Jon Butcher releases." Breeze is a diverse record that will appeal to fans of Jon's entire career. Copies of the CD sold from this website are autographed by Jon and include a JBA guitar pick.

A Stiff Little Breeze

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