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Nicky Kay And Tones

Part twang, part swing, and all rock’n’roll... Nicky Kay and his FABULOUS Kay-Tones unleash their full-length debut Go CRAZY Pop! on ATOM Records!

For the discriminating fan of rockabilly, honky-tonk country, hillbilly swing, catchy melodies, and hot pickin’, Go CRAZY Pop! is a made-to-order slice of American roots-rock heaven. Rockin’, rumbling, hiccupin’, echoin’ vocals? Check! Gut-pounding doghouse bass? Check! Killer twin guitars and whiny steel? Check it out, Pop! ...

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...As for those that may be wary of the latest craze of retro-flash with little substance, listen up: every note on this album was recorded with REAL hot players in a REAL cool studio with the bright idea that they should get it right on the tape, not fix it in the mix. Vintage microphones? Of course! Fancy software to put a digital gloss on Nicky Kay’s vocals? No way, Pop!

Nicky Kay and his FABULOUS Kay-Tones care about two things – continuing the fine tradition of American rock’n’roll, and honoring the fans who just want to get loose and have a real good time.

Go CRAZY Pop! is an unrefined collection of fired-up old school rockabilly and honky tonk country that pays its respects to Hank, Gene and Merle while not trying to blandly imitate them. Behind Nicky Kay’s explosive vocals, the FABULOUS Kay-Tones – "Crazy" Joe "Bacon & Eggs" Tritschler on takeoff guitar, Josh "Meat Fingers" Hoag on the upright bass, and "The Good Guy" Brian Hoeflich on the uptight drums – tear it up as if they were channeling the Blue Caps to rock some forgotten honky tonk deep in the heart of an almost forgotten America. And let’s not forget the "Fabulous" Maery Lanahan who provides acoustic guitar and harmonies. After just one spin of her song Dance Dance Dance you’d swear the Kay-Tones called up the spirits of Patsy and Elvis to chime in.

Go CRAZY Pop! is all in fun. From the opening blast of Tear My World Apart to the pop finale Baby I Get Sad and Lonely Too, Nicky Kay and his FABULOUS Kay-Tones want nothing but the best for the listener and the tradition that gave us some of the finest music ever made.

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