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John Sullivan

Vermont resident John Sullivan has been making and performing music for over 30 years. He has been blessed to share the stage with folks such as Jon Butcher, Joey Molland’s Badfinger, Joe Cocker, Steven Tyler, and James Montgomery.

However it wasn’t until 2004 that Sullivan decided to release his first CD, Many Voices, issued on Dayton, OH independent label ATOM Records. Why wait so long to release his first CD? Sullivan answered, "It just felt like the right time for my original songs to be heard. And now the flood gates have opened. I’m already working on my third CD project."


Many Voices was an appropriate title for a CD that at times reminded one of artists as varied as John Hiatt and the alternative rock of the Foo Fighters. It even contained a techno-sounding tribute to George Harrison (India Cries).

In 2007 Sullivan released his second ATOM CD, Touch The Sky… a great straight-forward rock and roll record. It’s refreshing to hear someone such as Sullivan, who doesn’t feel the need to make his music fit some hot trend or modern rock template. Sullivan simply writes and sings with passion and sincerity. In other words, John Sullivan is ROCK SOLID.

What first grabs the listener is the killer voice that Sullivan possesses. Then his songwriting captures you. Whether singing about the World Trade Center (Everything Changed from Many Voices), rock and roll envy (Dark Days on Touch The Sky) or the joys of life (Precious Stone from Touch The Sky), John Sullivan’s music makes an impact.

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