Donal Hinely: Dark Horse Days
Label & Release Number: ATOM Records – ATOM2216
Release Year: 2016 Format(s): CD Availability: Feb 15, 2016


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Track List :
1) Damaged Goods
2) Barn Wood
3) From the Day
4) If
5) When I Burn
6) Once I Knew a Man
7) Hey Sunshine
8) Tell Her
9) I've Got a Feeling
10) Old Man Winter
11) Dislocated
12) Prarie Lullaby
13) Ain't Nobody
Donal Hinely's songs are wide ranging and commonly touch the universal themes of love, loss, personal tragedy, politics, humor and growing older. Donal's new disc, his 7th Americana release and third release with ATOM Records, is called Dark Horse Days. The new disc is easily the most diverse record in Hinely's career.