the black watch: Magic Johnson
Label & Release Number: ATOM Records – ATOM2719
Release Year: 2019 Format(s): CD Availability: 6/24/19


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Track List :
1) Mad
2) April Fools
3) Get Me Out Of Echo Park
4) Eustaciaís Dream
5) Me & You & Me
6) Upsy-Daisy
7) Arcane Constraints
8) Knowing It Won't Come Again (Has Made It All The Sweeter Then)
9) Oh Mary
10) Darling
11) Down Harmís Way
12) Magic Johnson
The Paper Boats EP:
13) The Paper Boats
14) Oh You Little Witch!
15) Jingle-Jangle Loop De Loop
16) Your So Dark Sleep/Goodbye
"Magic Johnson" is the 17th full-length release by the black watch, which is led by English professor and irrepressible Los Angeles based songwriter John Andrew Fredrick. Sixteen tracks in all, "Magic Johnson" is chock-full of infectious songwriting and also features the bands 2018 digital only "The Paper Boats" EP.