Recent ATOM Records Releases

AJ Masters - Yester Deja Vi
"Yester Deja Vu"
AJ Masters

Nicky Kay Orchestra - Barrier Reef
Nicky Kay Orchestra
"Barrier Reef

Somewhere in America
Somewhere in America

Nativity the Pop Opera
Nativity the Pop Opera
The Sonic Zealots of Sound

The Famous Rocket Cage
The Famous Rocket Cage
Donal Hinely

Straight Through Ohio
Straight Through Ohio
Jon Butcher

Barefoot Servants 2
Barefoot Servants 2
Barefoot Servants

Touch the Sky
Touch the Sky
John Sullivan

New Cornerstone single
"Smalltown Boy" OUT NOW!

AJ MastersProceeds of the single go to help fight
Cystic Fibrosis - Order Now

Yester Deja Vu shows why Nashville's top artists choose material written by AJ Masters! Available now in the ATOM CD/DVD store.

See Cornerstone's "Stay" - the lead-off track on Cornerstone's latest CD, Somewhere In America.

Watch a preview of "Nativity the Pop Opera" by J. Todd Anderson. Find out how to see the show in Dayton or Cincinnati here!

See Donal Hinely's - "Mona Mona" music video from Donal's Blue State Boy CD.

See the preview for My Mummy, a film by ATOM friend J. Todd Anderson. The My Mummy DVD can be purchased in the ATOM CD/DVD store.

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With the music world in upheaval, labels going out of business on a regular basis, and the US economy stuck in a recession, ATOM Records is still releasing new music. We've always tended to zig when the rest of the world zags.

Our first project in 2012 is The Nicky Kay Orchestra's Barrier Reef full-length CD! Produced by Ed Lacy and Dennis Mullins at Dayton's legendary Bison Studios and mastered by Sean Haney, Nicky Kay's first CD since The Kay-Tone's Go Crazy Pop shows him not just revisiting the instrumental surf genre, but taking into into an entirely new world. You've got to hear it to believe it!

Other recent projects from ATOM Records include Donal Hinely's The Famous Rocket Cage. ATOM worked with Donal in 2008, releasing Blue State Boy and we are proud to call Donal a friend and tout him as one of the best singer/songwriter's in the music world today. Donal is joined on The Famous Rocket Cage by singer David Mead, bassist Viktor Krauss (Lyle Lovett & song writer for his sister Alison Krauss) and producer David Henry who has worked with REM, The Indigo Girls and The Cowboy Junkies, just to name a few. If you like acoustic based music and are a sucker for great song-writing and story telling... you have to check out Donal's new CD.

Also: the second Cornerstone release Somewhere In America has been getting rave reviews in European press outlets, and copies of the 6-song Nativity Preview CD of Christmas songs performed in Nativity The Pop Opera is still available!

Check out the entire ATOM Records catalog in the ATOM CD/DVD store!


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