New Donal Hinely CD
“Dark Horse Days” - OUT NOW!

Donal Hinley-

Americana music has a real gem in the music of Donal Hinely. Born in Denton, Texas and calling Nashville home for a majority of his life, Donal's songs are wide-ranging and commonly touch the universal themes of love, loss, personal tragedy, politics, humor and growing older.

Donal's new disc, his 7th Americana release and third release with ATOM Records, is called Dark Horse Days. The new disc is easily the most diverse record in Hinely's career. A church choir rings throughout Old Man Winter. The opening track, Damaged Goods, is jazz tinged. A 60's style organ is the main instrument in the upbeat rocker, From The Day, which will also feature a music video that's in production now, for a late February release. The band rocks like Tom Petty in "Dislocated" and "When I Burn".

Orders for Dark Horse Days can be taken now in the ATOM Records CD/DVD Store, and the disc will start shipping on February 16th.

Two New Jon Butcher Axis CDs 

Jon Butcher Axis

ATOM Records is proud to be selling the two most recent releases from the Jon Butcher Axis.

The newest disc is called Experienced and is a tribute to Jon's musical hero, Jimi Hendrix. Original Axis bass player, Chris Martin, is back playing with Jon and they rip through 11 Hendrix classics ... Foxy Lady, Manic Depression, Crosstown Traffic and Wait until Tomorrow are personal favorites of ours. This CD is not available on Amazon or other online outlets. Amazon and others are only selling MP3 versions of the title. So get the highest sound quality possible and pick up JBA's Experienced in CD format in the ATOM Records CD/DVD Store.

The second new Jon Butcher Axis release is also with Chris Martin on bass and features Farrenheit's drummer Muzz on percussion. The disc is called Axis 3 and offers new recordings of six JBA classics such as Holy War and Life Takes a Life, plus four new songs. This is the Axis back in their power trio format and rocking hard through new and old tunes.

If you are wondering what Jon and his band mates are up to today, Axis 3 is the perfect starting point. And if these two new releases aren't enough Jon Butcher for you, we still have several Butcher discs and t-shirts for sale, including the exclusive Jon Butcher and Ben Schultz - Live Straight Through Ohio CD-R. An acoustic disc from a concert recorded in Dayton, OH in late 2005.

Jon is a diverse artist who can shred the electric guitar or sooth your soul with his voice and acoustic guitar. Straight Through Ohio is well worth checking out and is limited to a pressing of 300 copies.

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